Så här loggar du in på uTrack och kundportalen

Please see the following instructions how to sign up to the customer portal and the uTrack application.


1. In the upper-right corner, click the Sign in button


2. Three options:

A) If your professional email account is from Google or Microsoft you can use the buttons on the left ("Sign in with Google/Microsoft") (picture below). We should recognize you and grant you access to the necessary forms.

Were your log in successful, you can jump ahead, right to step number 6.



B) either choose Sign up and provide both your name (firstname, lastname) and email address. Your email address should be your professional one, e.g. yourname@yourcompany.com

C) or choose Get a password as you might already have an account (see the additional info below the option).


3. Go to your email and click the verification link.

4. Provide your password.

5. You are now on the Client Portal's first page. In the upper-right corner, click your name and then Edit my profile.

Please provide your professional phone number for us to be able to reach you if necessary.



6. You can now navigate to the necessary forms through the Submit a Request option, the leftmost one.


+ Note:

If you are using the uTrack mobile application please follow the instructions in the article below.

1) You are a uRecycle customer:

Quick Guide: Assign Battery - uTrack - Safeobject

2) You are a transportation company employee:

Quick Guide: Battery Transport - uTrack - Safeobject